Present the person you love something that can be presented only by the genuinely loving and caring person!

Present beauty and health, rest and life energy, everything our SPA centre is filled with.

Our gift SPA certificates can include package programmes or be composed individually with account of your desires. Probably, you would like to select gifts on your own; then we will help you make head or tails of the great variety of the services offered with great pleasure.

And if you want to join the celebration, of course, you will be offered certificates for two:)

A gift SPA certificate is a great present as it is something we rarely afford to ourselves, but are happy to accept as a sign of kindness and affection.

Boss’s Pleasure

Aero-hydro-massage Bath with Essential Oils (25 min.). Hydromassage treatment combines warm water massage with aroma therapy to relax the muscles and relieve the pain.

Buckwheat Massage (90 min.) — an advanced treatment which not only helps to relax the muscles but also restores your mental balance. Feel the adorable smell of warmed up buckweat!

Facial Massage (30 min.) — Massage technique is designed to take away stress and signs of fatigue off your face.

Soul at Peace

Vanilla Scrub (45 min) — tenderly cleanses the skin, leaving it bright and toned.

Stone Therapy — massage with warm volcanic stones and minerals (90 min.) — Gorgeous spa procedure that pampers you from head to toes. Forget your stress and fill your body with power and energy.

SPA-manicure (60 min) More than just a manicure — it is a pleasant hand treatment combined with aroma therapy.

Fruit Relish

Orange Massage (80 min.) This advanced massage technique is designed to redefine your silhouette and cleanse the body. At direct contact with orange your skin absorbs aminoacids and other nutrients.

French Red Grapes Dessert (60 min) An exotic treatment yet already known for centuries. The wine extract and the scent of sweet grapes will bestow upon your the eternal beauty and energy.

Relax Together

For Both:

«Cleopatra» Bath (30 min.) (Germane de Capuccini) Smooths and rejuvenates your skin. Every inch of your skin will feel revitalised and you will see visible results.

Essential Oils Massage Treatment (60 min.) (Germane de Capuccini) — a relaxing body massage with oils hydrates and tones your skin, leaving it radiant and fresh.

For Him:

Paraffin Hand Treatment (60 min.) — you can use it to instantly achieve the effect of a «velvet» skin.

For Her:

Paraffin Foot Treatment (60 min.) — you can use it to instantly achieve the effect of a «velvet» skin.