Gift SPA Certificates

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Present the person you love something that can be presented only by the genuinely loving and caring person!

It is easy to give a fabulous Spa vacation to a close person, husband, and parents – with our Spa certificates. Choose what you like:

  • “Antioxidant care”;
  • “Reboot”;

Present beauty and health, rest and life energy, everything our SPA centre is filled with.

Our gift SPA certificates can include package programmes or be composed individually with account of your desires. Probably, you would like to select gifts on your own; then we will help you make head or tails of the great variety of the services offered with great pleasure.

And if you want to join the celebration, of course, you will be offered certificates for two:)

A gift SPA certificate is a great present as it is something we rarely afford to ourselves, but are happy to accept as a sign of kindness and affection.

Peace of mind

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Stone therapy – the massage is done with warm volcanic stones and minerals (90 min.) – a magical SPA procedure that caresses you from your head to your toes. Stones have energetic activity, so with the help of them you will forget about stress and fill your body with strength and energy.
  • Oloil – olive care (60 min.) – this is magical alchemy of the Tuscan olive, which gives an unforgettable experience. This procedure is directed on intensive nutrition of the skin and remodeling of the silhouette. Skin becomes soft, silky and soft to the touch.

Antioxidant care

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

  • Whirlpool with drainage complex (20 min.). Hydro-massage is a procedure which with the help of warm water streams massages your body, warming and relieving it of pain and tension. And with the help of aromatic or essential oils the procedures will be more pleasant and useful.
  • Wrapping with white clay (60 min.). This is an innovative professional tool that is absolutely unique and provides a noticeable and immediate result after first sessions: joints are unlocked, the lymphatic system is cleaned, excess fluid is removed and microcirculation is activated, which is necessary when you deal with any type of cellulite and overweight. This is an amazing holistic technique that affects not only the body but also the state of mind, bringing with itself a feeling of an amazing lightness and deep relaxation.
  • Aroma oil massage (60 min.) –natural oils are used. It helps to relax and relieve stress. Choosing special oil, an aroma massage adjusts body to smooth weight loosing and rejuvenation. Also it increases stress resistance and antioxidant protection.


Duration: 2 hours

  • Salt scrub (45 min.) – this scrub is an excellent cleansing agent. It removes dead skin cells qualitatively, stimulates its regeneration and improves blood circulation. At the same time the metabolic processes in the cells are accelerated that is why slags, toxins and accumulated fats leave through the pores. In addition, despite the fact that the base of the scrub is sea salt, it nourishes the skin with useful trace elements.
  • Seaweed wrapping + compliment (60 min.). It is recommended for detoxification, weight loosing and body toning. The usage of seaweeds improves the natural metabolism, promotes effective elimination of toxins from the body. It suits for weight loosing and body cleaning ideally.
  • Compliment from the resort

Vitamin C

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Massage “Drunk Orange” (60 min.) – designed for body shaping, as well as for improving skin tone. During direct contact of an orange with the skin, almost instantaneous absorption of necessary amount of amino acids and other nutrients happens. The result of such a massage will be not long in coming. Since the third procedure you will notice that extra centimeters “melt”. “An Orange Delight” is a unique combination of therapeutic effect on the body and SPA massage.
  • Antioxidant care with vitamin C (60 min.). Our body is constantly exposed to free radicals. This is the norm if body has the resources to fight them. But with every year there are more and more harmful factors occur, which affect the body and weaken it. With the help of this wrapping your skin will be saturated, vitaminized and elastic.

Ask about details and book services by telephone:
+38 (050) 372 61 49


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