Welcome to Voevodyno

About us

Voevodyno is a family, individual and corporate recreation resort located in Zakarpattia.

Voevodyno will refill you with energy and inspiration, life and love at any season of the year.
You will enjoy natural fragrant air, beauty and peace, and we will take care of the rest.
You are welcome to visit with you family, friends or colleagues!


  • Region of Zakarpattia, Village of Turia Pasika
  • 43 km to Uzhhorod and 41 km to Svaliava
  • Total area: 17ha
  • Four hotels, family cottages
  • Three restaurants, Wine bar, gala terrace
  • Two conference halls, meeting room
  • SPA Centre, gym, outdoor swimming pool
  • Trout fishing area, Horse-Riding Club, Art Club
  • Skiing slope, Zip line
  • St. Ekaterina Church
  • Schönborn Park

We are happy to meet all of our guests

We are ready to accommodate guests on Voevodyno all around the year. So, if you want to escape from the city in search of quiet and amazing nature, come to Voevodyno, and peace and rest are guaranteed!

We are happy to meet all of our guests, both adults and children (especially). It can be so difficult for the family to find the time to get together in the modern fast-moving world. And the perfect time to be together is on holiday, a family holiday at Voevodyno Resort! We will help you plan your day so that no one in your family will get bored even for a second.

Yet, Voevodyno is not only family rest. Facilities of the resort and two conference halls equipped for simultaneous interpretation, the meeting room, gala terrace and lounge bar enable guests to hold various events: onsite conferences, incentive tours for the staff as well as international forums.

Proper rest at the modern resort

Sports and active rest fans will also have a lot to do: from walks in the forests of Zakarpattia to extreme sports, from archery to horse riding, for any age and passion!

Fresh air encourages hearty appetite, so you are invited to three restaurants, wine bar and barbecue garden houses. You will definitely enjoy Ukrainian cuisine with Slovakian, Hungarian and Zakarpattia zests!

Proper rest at the modern resort is impossible without care about your health and body. This has been taken into account in our SPA centre which we are proud of for a good reason! You are offered various cosmetics and treatment procedures, package programmes and experienced specialists.

By the way, guests keen on history and culture of Zakarpattia will also be captivated: tours to castles, waterfalls and thermal baths, wine vaults, walks through streets of Uzhhorod and Mukachevo.

Come to Voevodyno at any time of year! Local nature is beautiful, air is fresh, water is clean, and we are always happy to see you!

Schönborn Park is a cultural and historical landmark which has been recreated in Voevodyno

Schönborn Park is a replica (copy) of the famous park of Schönborn Castle which has been thoroughly recreated. Schönborn Park used to be a jewel of the European park art which was laid out around the palace of the old powerful Austrian family of Schönborn. Inside the park there was an artificial lake.



In the modern version of Schönborn Park you can walk along wide alleys, enjoy the view of the even surface of the lake, cross all 12 bridges symbolising 12 star signs, see the druid calendar in the Celtic Garden and visit the working water mill.

The park was recreated in 2013 to honour the 285th anniversary of transfer of the lands of Zakarpattia to the Earls of Schönborn by the emperor of Austria-Hungary. The park was recreated by sculptors, artists and renovators.

You are invited to visit the park and see what the classic Austrian part looked like in the 18th century.


Only positive emotions and outdoor activities