Incredible sensations that you will feel during this procedure, it is simply impossible to forget. The technique of massage with oil-candle is borrowed from Ayurveda — traditional Indian medicine. This teaching is based on the harmony of mind and body. This spa treatment will give you serenity and calmness.

How is the aroma-candle massage given?

It’s easy to guess that the main highlight of the ritual is an aroma candle. Our SPA-center uses only the best cosmetics from world-renowned brands. In this procedure, the candle of the French company Yon-Ka is used. It is made entirely of natural ingredients: Shea butter, Carapa guianensis seed oil, petit grain essential oils, lavender and verbena.

Before the start of the session, the candle is lit for several minutes, so that the heat of the fire melts the natural wax and oils. After this precious ingredients are put on the hands of the master and the body of the guest. Don’t be afraid of burns: massage candles melt at low temperature. You will feel pleasant warmth, which will give your body a tender, fragrant balm.