Let us introduce you Schönborn Park, a recreated jewel of Zakarpattia!

This historical and cultural complex which has been recreated by historians, fine art experts and sculptors headed by the art patron from Zakarpattia deserves to become a famous tourist landmark of Zakarpattia.

Schönborn Park located at the territory of Voevodyno Resort is a project which has been resurrected by caring people. Recreation of the priceless cultural heritage of the Region of Zakarpattia started with this landmark as Schönborn Park is an important element of Ukrainian history of the times of Austria-Hungary. It was recreated with especially thorough attention to historical details and opened for free attendance in 2013.

Forest, lawns, exotic trees and a large natural lake turn Schönborn Park into the real jewel of Zakarpattia. You can rest in the park for hours and enjoy the beauty around.