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Fresh air, morning sun, majestic mountains … What is missing for a complete picture of a perfect morning? That is right it is yoga!

Spa rest in the Carpathians, supplemented by yoga sessions, will help restore vitality and relieve stress. Classes are conducted by professional trainers. The sessions take place in a picturesque location – in the territory of Schönborn Park, in the middle of the Carpathian Forest, so that during yoga classes, you can enjoy:

  • clean and healthy air;
  • morning Carpathian sun;
  • incomparable landscapes.

Rest in “Voevodyno” is one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to restore inner harmony. Stress, urban bustle, daily routine and other factors constantly bring imbalance into our lives. Therefore, to restore yourself completely not only physical but also spiritual rest is necessary.

And in everyday life, we often lack of time. In the morning we hurry to work and in the evening we feel too exhausted. How can we do yoga? But in “Voevodyno” you will have the perfect opportunity to spend the morning the way you dreamed: the morning sun, the amazingly beautiful Schenborn park and yoga.

Classes for our guests are conducted by a professional trainer. Even if you have never practiced yoga, he will help you to master the basic asanas and breathing techniques. The specialist will be able to control that you correctly do the exercises and receive maximum benefit from them. And those for whom morning yoga is a usual activity will definitely appreciate the opportunity to practice it in such a unique setting.

All you need in class is mat and a positive attitude. The first we provide,and the second you definitely need to take with you.

Ask about details and book services by telephone:
+38 (050) 372 33 62


Only positive emotions and outdoor activities