Prenatal Treatments

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Are you expecting? Enjoy this amazing time and let your female beauty flourish to the fullest.

Any woman is most amazing when her body opens up towards her natural destination.

Body and face care during this important period shall be moderate and safe to the maximum extent. And future mother does need it as self-care not only improves the emotional background, but also prepares the body for the coming changes.

For women preparing to become mothers, a wide range of spa services is available, including:

  • massages;
  • wraps;
  • thermal Spa;
  • skin care, etc.

All procedures are safe for both the mother and the child. They are selected considering the condition of the pregnant woman and the term of pregnancy.

We offer procedures which are ultimately safe for you and your baby:

1. Salt chamber. It will have favourable effect on health of the future mother, improve her immune system, prevent her from getting cold and release asthmatic conditions.

2. Swimming pool. The most optimum physical exercise for the pregnant. When swimming, load on the backbone is decreased, tissues get more oxygen, venous return is improved, and the breathing and cardiovascular systems are moderately trained. It can be recommended as a preventive measure against varicosity and stretch marks.

3. Feet massage will remove quelling, and massage oil will prevent stretch marks on your skin.

4. Face massage will remove quelling, pigmented spots, and rashes. It will improve micro blood circulation, nourish blood with nutrients and smooth small wrinkles.

5. Face masks will help you get rid of skin problems which often arise in pregnancy: pigmentation, skin flaking and irritation. Masks are made with safe professional cosmetics.

6. Hands and feet care. Paraffin wraps, manicure and pedicure, skin and nail care – pregnancy does not mean you have to refuse from pleasure of taking care of your changing body.

Ask about details and book services by telephone:
+38 (050) 372 61 49


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