Experience beneficent therapeutic effect of Thermo-SPA

It is a cosmetic pleasure for your body as during the entire procedure you will lose a lot of weight, your muscles and ligaments will relax, and the backbone will get rid of spasms.

By plunging into gravity, you will practically not feel the liquid around you as its temperature is slightly higher than the temperature of the human body’s surface (actually, temperature can be regulated in order to choose the most suitable one). In addition to the temperature, you will be able to choose the liquid you will be surrounded by during your cosmetic space flight: fragrant herbal treatment infusion, treatment cosmetics or thalassotherapy. You will probably prefer mud, seaweed or herbal wraps which will still be accompanied with the massage with acoustic waves!

Our flight is coming to an end, and you, with your batteries recharged, are walking out of the Thermo-Spa Concerto Unit to your bright future.