SPA for children

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The best vacation is a holiday with your family. We are 100% sure of this, therefore we created all conditions for people of different ages to feel in Voevodyno equally comfortable. Our SPA center meets also this requirement.

Your holiday in the Carpathians with children will be remembered for its incomparable landscapes and cheerful entertainment. For kids, we offer wellness with Spa – massages, swimming pools, aromatherapy, and delicate skin care.

Visiting it with the whole family, you do not have to puzzle yourself with the question, what will the child do? After all, we have taken care of everything ourselves!

Children are the most demanding guests, to please them is a tall order! It is very important that the child develops comprehensively, be healthy and active. Rest in the Carpathians itself has a positive effect on the children’s body. And if you add to it wellness procedures in our SPA center, the benefits will increase several times.

Of course, SPA procedures for children have their own characteristics. They are primarily aimed at strengthening the body and maintaining immunity. A number of procedures for adults also is suitable for children. For example, moisturizing masks based on natural hypoallergenic components protect the baby’s skin from the sun.

In addition, for the child will be useful:

  1. Visiting the salt room. Rest with children is an unpredictable business. A small miracle strives to discover the whole world. Often it ends with a cold. In addition, the new climate can also contribute to the health of the baby. To maintain immunity, it will be enough to stay in the salt room for a short time.
  2. Children’s general massage and back massage. It is not only pleasant, but also very useful for the musculoskeletal system of a child. Problems with the latter, unfortunately, are very common among teenagers and even preschoolers.
  3. Children’s manicure. This procedure allows not only maintaining the hygiene of the hands, but also gives the child the opportunity to feel really grown-up. After all, children want to do the same as the adults! Our resort in the Carpathians will give your child this opportunity.
  4. Chocolate mask for hands and feet. It’s a dream of every sweet tooth! Besides bright impressions and a charge of good mood, this procedure perfectly moisturizes the skin.
  5. Pearl bath. Just a few sessions allow you to improve the young organism and strengthen immunity.

Specify details and order services by phone:
+38 (050) 372 61 49


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