Hairdressing services

Ask about details and book services by telephone:
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Well-groomed and beautiful hair is the first sign of our health. So that during the rest in Zakarpattia you can shine with luxurious head of hair, our SPA-center is ready to provide you with a number of hair care services.

Our Spa complex in the Carpathians takes care of your beauty and good mood. Therefore, we took care of the availability of hairdressing services. You can sign up for a haircut, styling or weaving at the resort. Hairstyles for brides deserve special attention – if you are planning a resort wedding, the styling issue has already been resolved!

Rest is a reset period. It’s time when you put in order thoughts, sum up results and ready for everything new. So why not update your hair style? Our hairdressers are not only masters of all trades, but also sensitive psychologists who will know exactly what you want.

Inviting our guests to a family vacation, we also took care of every member of the family to use hairdressing services. We offer women’s, men’s, and also children’s haircuts and styling. Even after a little refreshing haircut, you will see how healthy your hair looks! And to fix the effect, use our special hair masks.

Our resort is a place filled with romance and a unique atmosphere. Here you can celebrate an important day for your couple or another special event. To this day you look the one and only, our masters will create for you an evening image with styling and complex weaving. Also, you can refresh your hair colour or make highlights.

If you’ve already been to Voevodyno, you know for sure that this is the perfect place for a wedding. We have all the possibilities for this: you can make a wedding hairstyle, which you dreamed of. After all, we love to make your dreams come true!

Ask about details and book services by telephone:
+38 (050) 372 61 49


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