Proper functioning of the lymphatic system is extremely important for the condition of our skin. Failures in its work lead to the accumulation of intercellular fluid, which eventually provokes cellulite. The causes of disruptions can be many: chronic diseases, stresses, poor diet.

To combat the effects of this phenomenon, lymph drainage massage is used. It is based on the effect on large lymph nodes and vessels. In cosmetology, this procedure came from medicine, where this type of massage was used to relieve edema in patients in the post-operation period.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

Unlike classic anti-cellulite procedures, this massage does not bring any discomfort to the client; it is safe and very effective. With lymph drainage massage, the movements are very slow and smooth, since the lymph outflow itself is very slow in comparison with the circulation of the blood. The procedure is carried out on problem areas (usually, buttocks, hips, and belly).

As a result of the course of lymphatic drainage massage, lymph becomes more fluid and it is easier to remove harmful substances from the tissues of the body. Cells get rid of excess moisture and decrease in size, they receive more oxygen.

After the first procedure, a significant part of the excess fluid leaves the body. You can even notice that the clothes, which had been tight before, sit more freely. A full course of lymphatic drainage massage will help remove 5 cm in volume from the problem areas.

But the aesthetic effect is only the tip of the iceberg. The lymphatic system is largely responsible for human immunity. Lymph transports all vital fluids in the body, including water and metabolic products. This massage will enhance the protective properties of the body.