You can feel the full benefits of this sunny fruit during a massage with hot oranges. This kind of massage appeared not so long ago, but already managed to win fans thanks to its benefits and the incredible smell of citrus fruits that soars in a massage room.

How is the orange massage given?

The procedure begins with the cleansing of the body in the cedar phyto barrel. Thanks to this, the pores of your skin will open, and the body will relax.

Before the beginning of the procedure, the oranges are heated a little, so that in the process the peel gives the body valuable essential oils. During the massage, all parts of the body are involved: back, buttocks, legs, belly, and hands. But the manipulation of the whole fruit is not the end of the massage. Then the expert does the scrub with orange peel and honey. After that, the fruit is cut in half, poured into each half of cognac and rubbed with halves of fruits. This is especially useful for skin of feet and elbows.
Another option of this procedure involves placing hot fruits on the energy points of the body according to the rules of oriental medicine. Then the effect is directed to certain parts of the body, which are responsible for various systems of human organs.