Cedar Phyto Barrel

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A cedar phyto barrel is a procedure which can be recommended both to men and women

A cedar Phyto barrel made of natural wood will be able to diversify and significantly improve your Spa vacation in the Carpathians. The procedure is allowed even to those who cannot visit the bath. The Phyto barrel of the Siberian cedar is helpful for bronchitis, other respiratory diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and skin diseases.

During the steaming procedure the body is heated deep inside, even deeper than in the sauna. While being steamed, your head stays above the surface so this cedar phyto barrel can be advised even to those ones who cannot go to the sauna for health reasons. Dissolved waste and toxins are taken out of your body together with the moisture through the opened pores due to intense perspiration, blood circulation increases, and exchange processes intensify.

A cedar phyto barrel can be applied on your own, in sessions consisting of seven to ten procedures, or as an additional procedure before massage sessions or cosmetic wraps. Efficiency of cosmetic procedures will increase by 30-40% as the skin without toxins will gratefully absorb all healthy substances and turn on regeneration mechanisms.

A cedar phyto barrel is good for those suffering from osteochondrosis and hyperemia. This procedure will help you lose extra weight, activate you endocrine, digestion and immune systems. A cedar phyto barrel is a perfect tool for prevention of colds and an auxiliary treatment of bronchitis!

The barrel itself is made of the Siberian cedar which is rich in natural phytoncids. Subject to the purpose of the procedure, treatment herbs with the general recreational, antiviral, soothing, anti-cellulitis and other effect are used to intensify the results.

Ask about details and book services by telephone:
+38 (050) 372 61 49


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