Carpathian Bath

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One of the most popular treatments of our resort is the hot pools of Transcarpathia

If you are attracted not by a Finnish sauna but by a traditional bath, we invite you to Voevodyno. We have a tub on the territory of our Spa in the Carpathians; here, you can steam together or with the company.

The tradition of swimming outdoors, immersed in large pots of hot water, dates back to Celtic times. Bathing in a tub is not only a tribute to hygiene but also a means of rejuvenation, treatment, and strengthening the immune system. If you visit our resort of Voevodyno, take the opportunity and pamper your body and soul with this pleasant experience.

Hot pool with natural coniferous extract

Mineral or thermal water from healing springs is poured into hot pools in Transcarpathia. The water is gradually heated by an underground fireplace. Herbs with different properties are added to the water to give a spa effect. It can be an extract of coniferous trees, which contributes to the following positive results:

  • relief from stress and insomnia;
  • increase the body’s resistance to infections;
  • anti-inflammatory action;
  • accelerating the breakdown of fat at the cellular level (excellent in managing obesity and cellulite);
  • relief of joint pain.

Hot pool with magnesium phytoconcentrates.

Mineral phyto-concentrates with magnesium are very good for the skin. Therefore, hot pools in Transcarpathia can be used for various pathologies and skin diseases. Phyto concentrate with magnesium added to the water in the tub has the following properties concerning the condition of the skin:

  • enhanced regeneration;
  • saturation with nutrients;
  • toning;
  • hydration;
  • exfoliation.

Hot pool with Transcarpathian herbs

Suppose you want to revitalise the body and improve your skin. In that case, we recommend visiting the tubs in Transcarpathia with the addition of Transcarpathian herbs. Mixtures are formed from plants collected in ecological areas of the forest in compliance with harvesting technologies. The composition of the herbal collection is enriched with medicinal plants, which contain vitamins and other trace elements beneficial for the body.

Tub with mineralised water containing hydrogen sulphide.

Hydrogen sulphide baths in Transcarpathia are indicated for those with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, injuries, and pathology. The main effects of bathing in hot pools with hydrogen sulphide are as follows:

  • wound healing;
  • improving the work of bones and joints;
  • normalisation of blood circulation;
  • lowering cholesterol levels;
  • increase skin elasticity.

Hot pools of Transcarpathia

Even those who do not tolerate a bath can visit Transcarpathian hot pools. Bathing occurs outdoors so that it does not damage the skin, hair or cause respiratory and heart problems. Spa treatment has an impact on both physical and emotional, as well as on the nervous state. Warming up is even and, for many guests, is much more comfortable than when visiting a sauna or bath.

What are the hot pools of Transcarpathia?

Visually, hot tubs in Transcarpathia are giant metal or wooden cauldrons that are gradually heated. And the hot pool itself keeps the body temperature for a long time, pleasant even in the open air in winter. The water temperature is 40-42 C. Research indicates that bathing in the tub hardens the body and positively affects the state of the nervous, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and respiratory systems.

Types of treatments 

When planning how to relax in Transcarpathia with tubs, you can choose Spa treatments such as:

  • hot pool with the addition of natural coniferous extract;
  • hot pool with magnesium phyto concentrates (including mint, lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary, calendula);
  • hot pool in which a tincture of medicinal Transcarpathian herbs is added;
  • hot pool with hydrogen sulphide.

Bathing in hot pools – the benefits

Essential advantages of bathing in hot pools include:

  • positive effect on all body systems;
  • anti-age effect;
  • rapid wound healing;
  • increase vitality;
  • strengthening disease resistance.

You can always find the prices for Transcarpathian hot pools by using the website of  Voevodyno resort or by calling our administrators.

To make a reservation, please contact:
+38 (050) 372 61 49

Work hours:
from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.


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