What do the Vikings, the Japanese and residents of Zakarpattia have in common?

It turns out to be love to open air water procedures, namely, bathing in the tank with heated water. We won’t make a guess who was the first to put a huge water tank over the fireplace, fill it with water and use for bathing. The main thing is that today our guests are invited to make their recreation more versatile with the new procedure.

Bathing in the water tank is good for the general body state, improves blood circulation, immunity system, has therapeutic effect on skin and joints and regulates arterial tension.

Don’t forget that skin is an organ of our body with the largest surface through which a lot of healthy substances can be taken in, so bathing in the water with mineral substances, oils and vitamins can be definitely perceived as both cosmetic and treatment procedure.

Water Tank with the Natural Pine Needle Extract

Baths with the pine needle extract improve micro circulation of blood vessels, regulate arterial tension, help you lose weight, increase skin elasticity and prevent colds.
So keep breathing with the healing aroma of pine needles to the full of your lungs, and it will clean them off the city fumes!
Cost: 1 hour – 920 UAH/ 4 pers., 1290 UAH / 8 pers.

Water Tank with Magnesium-Herbal Extracts

Magnesium is one of the most important micro-elements. It is necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, for proper calcium absorption. This remarkable mineral heals a large number of ailments and rejuvenates the body. Combined action of herbal extracts, essential oils and micro-elements significantly improves the performance of all body systems and restores the balance of magnesium.
Cost: 1 hour –  920 UAH/ 4 pers., 1290 UAH/ 8 pers.

Water Tank with Healing Herbs from Zakarpattia

These herbs have been growing in subalpine meadows and on mountain slopes, hovering up energy of the sun, hustling in the flows of warm air rising from valleys, bending under heavy drops of the crystal-clear dew on a cold morning, and now here they are to give you away all those treasures they have been accumulating for the long summer.
Cost: 1 hour –  920 UAH/ 4 pers., 1290 UAH/ 8 pers.

Water Tank with Hydrogen Sulphide

Bathing in the water with hydrogen sulphide, which is actually bathing in mineral water, can be especially recommended to people suffering from musculoskeletal system disorders.
Cost: 1 hour –  920 UAH/ 4 pers., 1290 UAH/ 8 pers.

And one more thing:

While you are comfortably seated in the water tank breathing in the healing aromas coming out of water and mixing up with the clear mountain air, we will be pleased to offer you scented tea made of Carpathian herbs.