Winter wonderland on the slopes of the Carpathians or where to relax in winter 2024?

Carpathians, winter, skiing. For majority of people this is the formula of a perfect holiday. But we offer to add some more nice components to it: hot tubs, relaxing massages, delicious Carpathian cuisine and the opportunity to spend time with your nearest and dearest. This is the ideal formula of winter holiday in the “Voevodyno” resort. This will make you be willing to visit us, over and over again in every season.

What do we offer our guests in winter?


Mountain-skis routs for beginners and experienced skiers

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“Voevodyno” is an ideal place for a ski debut of both children and adults. Our sensitive ski school instructors will help you to take your first steps on the skis confidently and safely. There is a training track and a children’s lift for kids. Advanced skiers and sportsmen will appreciate the moderate difficulty track with a drag lift. Its length is 900 meters and the height difference is 100 meters.

The ski season in “Voevodyno” lasts from December to March. Of course, it can vary due to weather conditions, first of all – temperature. But the lack of precipitation does not scare us: the ski slopes are equipped with snow cannons. Rental equipment for adults and children is available.

A great alternative to skiing is sledding. This entertainment does not require special skills and brings the same pleasure as skiing.

Baths and saunas for complete relaxation

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What could be nicer than to take a steam bath, run out into the frosty mountain air and rub yourself with pure snow? Only if you enjoy being in a vat of hot water with a pleasant coolness around. And the most important thing is that these procedures bring tremendous benefits to our body: they harden, enhance immunity and have a therapeutic effect on the skin and joints.

Thanks to natural additives such as: healing Carpathian herbs, pine extract, aromatic oils, phyto-concentrates you can make your vat special. We advise you to add to this a cup of hot Carpathian tea, and you are guaranteed to get maximum of pleasure.

Classic and exotic massages

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After a day on the ski slope, you can feel the muscle soreness. What should you do? Massage will help to relieve muscle tension. You will receive improved skin condition and good mood as a bonus. In the spa center of our resort, you can more than usual wellness or lymphatic drainage massage, but also something more interesting.

Massage with candle oil is especially popular in winter. This technique is borrowed from traditional Indian medicine, but the components for it are quite modern and European, namely the candle of the French company Yon-Ka. You will get new tactile sensations which will add aromatherapy.

Another type of massage that our guests love is stone therapy or massage with warm volcanic stones. Thermal effect on energy points allows to get rid of the clamps that prevent a person to feel completely healthy.

The most exquisite spa treatments

Every woman dreams to feeling like a queen. In “Voevodyno” you will have a unique opportunity to repeat the favorite procedures of the legendary queens and reveal their beauty secrets. One of these procedures is Cleopatra’s milk bath. It will give your skin softness and tenderness, which is very important in winter.

And if you miss the summer abundance of fruit, you should definitely try the most delicious yogurt wrap with fruit supplements. The skin is the largest organ of our body and it also needs nutrition. Thanks to this wrap it will get necessary elements, shine and flat tone.

Comfortable accommodation for families with small children

Our resort is the place where all generations can find something to their liking. But first of all we care about the comfortable accommodation for families with small children. To do this, we have family rooms with separate bedrooms for parents and children, as well as rooms with a small kitchen. In addition our restaurants have a separate children’s menu and all products are environmentally friendly and come from farms. Therefore, you should not be worried about separate diet for your child.

Leisure for children, solitude for parents

Art-Club for family

There is a lot of entertainment for the whole family in “Voevodyno”. This is a quest room, sleigh rides, and joint spa treatments and swimming pool. You will be able to spend time together as well as to have fun regardless of age.

So that parents could spend time together and without worrying about their baby at the same time, we created an Art Club. This is a place where children learn something new, develop their creative skills and make friends. On creative workshops, the child will be able to express themselves and afterwards boast their parents with their new skills, beautiful drawings or cooking achievements.

“Voevodyno” is a place where everyone will find something to his liking and will love the Carpathians with all his heart.