Spring voyage: where to have rest in the Carpathians in 2024?

The spring season is deeply unpopular with tourists. And that is a mistake! The Carpathians is the place where you can run away from the dull cities, and what is more is to see stunning beauty and breathtaking views of spring. Just imagine: instead of the shower city – clean mountain air, instead of watching TV shows – active entertainment, instead of fruits and vegetables from the supermarkets – natural products from our farmers. In such company you will not face up to avitaminosis or bad mood! Come to “Voevodyno” and you will make sure that the rest in spring can be bright and unforgettable as in summer.

We welcome all guests: funny companies, large families and couples in love. You will feel comfortable in a large territory of the resort. Everyone will have an opportunity to find something to his taste, regardless of age and other conventions, thanks to a great variety of entertainment and leisure activities.

Active rest – as if there was not any hibernation!

After winter, we all need to cheer up and get an adrenaline rush. So the best place for this is surely -“Voevodyno”! And we have substantial grounds to talk about it so confidently. For example, it is in “Voevodyno” where you can ride the ZIP-line, the longest in Ukraine. And these are 5 stations and 800 meters of exciting flight at the height of a 9-storey building.

And if you dreamed of a tree house since your childhood, then we are waiting for you in our rope park. You will feel like a real Tarzan, overcoming obstacles in the woods above the raging mountain rivers.

Acquaintance with the Carpathians on foot, by bike or on horseback

There is no place on Earth, more beautiful than the Carpathians. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to get to know them better. This can be done in different ways: first one is walking along the hiking trails; the second one is to rent a bicycle or take a horse ride. Collect herbs and mushrooms, enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest, feel the long-awaited unity with nature.

We care about the safety of our guests, so all routes are marked, equipped with parking places and sources of drinking water. Horse rides are accompanied by an experienced instructor.

Recreation in baths and vats

In spring, we often feel tired because of annoying cold weather and … seasonal colds. In Voevodyno, these two problems are solved with one very effective method. What kind of healing of the body can give such positive emotions as relaxation in a vat with natural spruce extract? Moreover, when you have a cup of fragrant tea from the Carpathian herbs in your hands! The rest in our baths or cedar phyto barrels will be as pleasant as useful. During these procedures, your body will get rid of toxins, start the metabolism and improve blood circulation.

Full relaxation in the spa center

In the spring we lack of the sun and fresh vegetables, which means – vitamins. This imbalance affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Procedures in our SPA center will help to remedy the situation. They will give you not only a feeling of health and beauty, but help you to get rid of the fatigue that has accumulated over the winter.

What is the best thing that will correct the deficiency of the sun, if not the sunniest fruit? It is the massage “Drunk Orange” that we recommend as the best way to fight with blues and vitamin deficiency! The procedure begins with a cedar phiyto barrel, after that you get a massage with warm oranges, a honey scrub. These oriental methods impact on the energy points of your body. But now we will not reveal the secret of the name of the procedure. Let it be a surprise.

The antioxidant treatment with vitamin C will make effect of massage stronger. As a result of the procedure, your skin will be saturated with vitamins and become firm and well cared. Your body will benefit from these procedures, and your soul – will get new feelings and emotions.

Time to learn new

Spring is always associated with awakening after winter, the beginning of a new life. So why not to add color to it and do something that you haven’t done before? Maybe to learn what you could not do before? All the possibilities are created for this in “Voevodyno”. Maybe you have always dreamed of learning to ride a horse? We will provide you with a qualified instructor. Having never played mini golf or petanque? It’s time to practice these games on our special courts. Archery and tennis will also be on your shoulder, we are sure!

Усилит благотворное влияние массажа на вашу кожу антиоксидантный уход с витамином С. В результате процедуры ваша кожа насытится витаминами, станет упругой и ухоженной. Ваше тело получит от этих процедур пользу, а душа – новые ощущения и эмоции.

Spending time with family

There is not much free time of a modern person which he can dedicate to the family without being distracted by work and everyday problems. ” So here, in “Voevodyno we tried to create the perfect place for family holidays. Both, kids and adults are interested in spending time communicating and having fun together. Solve secrets in the quest room, conquer the tops of the rope park, and create masterpieces in the Art Club. Do all these things together children and parents!

Shortly, come to have rest in the Carpathians in the spring, and you will fall in love with them forever!