Luxury holidays in the golden season. What surprises are ready for you in the Carpathians in autumn 2024?

You can always argue about which season in the Carpathians the most beautiful is. In the summer, when everything sinks in greenery? Or in the winter, when the mountains are covered with a white blanket? But the majority will surely say: that the fall is the most amazing season of the year! Comparable to the large industrial cities, where the dirty air contributed to the change of seasons, this period in Carpathians can still be called-a gold one. It seems that every possible shade of autumn is in the Carpathians nature.

You should definitely see it with your own eyes, because not a single photo will give you the feeling of crystal clear air, the taste of natural farm products and inner harmony with nature. And all this beauty is waiting for you in “Voevodyno” – a place where the dreams of perfect rest come true.

So what is waiting for you here?

Walking in ecologically clean area

In addition to the fire and water, you can endlessly look at the Carpathian forest in autumn. Of course, it is better to go for a walk in the depth of the forest, gather herbs and mushrooms for the winter and just enjoy the cleanest air in the entire region. Such walks will be absolutely safe for you thanks to the specially designed routes of different difficulty levels. All of them are marked, equipped with parking and sources of drinking water.

The opportunity to make every day a perfect day

How would you spend your days, if you did not work or did not do household chores and other everyday moments? You would probably do the things that bring you pleasure without waiting for the weekend or holiday. Since you are here we take care of your comfort. All you need is just enjoy your vacation and spend your time with pleasure. Ride bicycles, go horse riding in the mountains, spend the day fishing, learn how to play petanque or mini golf. And all this without any scruples of conscience and thoughts about urgent matters!

A dose of adrenaline and a portion of relaxation you can get here

When these two types of recreation change you can get much more pleasure from them! Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to conquer all the paths of our rope park, which is located in the shade of ancient trees above the bubbling mountain streams. After that you will be ready to see our main extreme place – the longest ZIP-Line in Ukraine! It is 800 meters of spectacular flight up to 30 meters above the ground. Wow!

Of course, after such a dose of adrenaline you need to relax. We believe that for this purpose, mankind has not invented anything better than baths and vats. You will relax, enjoy and get benefit for your health. And you will even get for a while into the warm summer days that we miss so much in the fall.

Opportunity to have your time

We are absolutely sure that self-care is not the overloading of your body with diets and excessive activity, but the love for your body. You can manifest it with the help of procedures that will bring your body health, beauty and relaxation.

In the fall, we recommend you to take “warm” procedures, such as stone therapy, massage with warm aroma candles or massage “Recuperation of buckwheat”. They have a beneficial effect on health: they improve the quality of the skin, relieve muscle clamps and reduce the headaches and insomnia. And the most important thing is that after visiting a massage room, you will not remember the stress, tension and autumn depression.

If you have already missed the sea, you will be pleased with seaweed wrapping. The procedure helps to cleanse the body of slag and toxins and start the natural metabolism. And if you want true Carpathian spa procedures, then detox wrap with peat will win your heart forever! This procedure get rids of puffiness and lymphostasis, starts the metabolism and cleanses the skin.

Acquaintance with Carpathians

We want our guests to have the opportunity to see the most beautiful corners of Carpathians. Being just a few dozen kilometers from Uzhgorod and not to visit the famous Palanok castle is simply unacceptable! If you wish, you can go to a new excursion that we organize almost every day of the week. You will walk along the old streets of Uzhgorod, visit the legendary castles of Transcarpathia, spend an unforgettable spa day in Kosino and visit the good farmer.

Have a lot of fun for the whole family

Holiday is valuable because we can devote all our time to close people. Therefore, almost all types of leisure in “Voevodyno” are designed in such a way that all generations of one family can spend time together and everyone is equally interested in suggested activity. What can you do with the whole family? Solve secrets in the quest room, learn to ride, walk in the mountains, swim in the pools and even visit the SPA center. Here you get a special “children’s menu” with procedures that are useful for a growing body.

Kids love our Art Club. Here everyone can show their creative abilities, learn something new, improve communication skills and find friends.

Come to “Voevodyno”, your perfect vacation is already waiting for you!