Rest in the Carpathians. Make the summer 2024 bright and unforgettable

Often, summer is the only season in the year when we can afford ourselves to relax. It would be amazing to do it with whole family or a large group of friends. But we are all different and our tastes are too. Someone is dreaming about a lazy beach vacation, someone wants to conquer the mountain peaks and another one needs a shot of adrenaline after exhausting work in the office. So what should people do in this case? The way out is only one. It is to go to “Voevodyno”!

Everyone will find something to do to his liking. Here you can enjoy the nature of the Carpathians, taste the best dishes of Carpathian cuisine and spend the most thrilling and unforgettable vacation. What are the things you can do here?

Take sunny and water baths

Few people can imagine a summer without water treatments and tan. Now, to get this you should not go to the sea, it is better go to the mountains! In “Voevodyno” all conditions are created so that everyone can enough swim. There are three pools two of which are outdoors. And then you can relax on the sun loungers, drink a glass of mojito admiring the beautiful landscapes of the Carpathians.

And for fans of hot water procedures we have vats and baths. We are sure that even in summer you shouldn’t refuse yourself to get pleasure from these wellness treatments.

Get acquainted with nature and architectural masterpieces

We strongly recommend you to go for a walk around our resort, collect healing herbs, mushrooms, berries or just enjoy the fresh air and unique nature. For this activity, we have several routes of different complexity. All of them are equipped with signposts of parking and sources with drinking water. In addition, you can get to the mountains not only on foot but on horseback or by bicycle.

There are some places in the “Voevodyno” where you can enjoy the nature! The pearl of the park art is the restored Schönborn Park where you can feel the spirit of romance. Walking along the wide alleys and the smooth surface of the lake you get into the XVIII century and feel the atmosphere of that time.

Let yourself to be a child

Modern children have more opportunities for interesting leisure than we had. Therefore, we consider it our duty to fill this gap and give you the possibility of being a child. Go ahead and try to overcome the routes of the rope park, ride the ZIP-line– the longest in Ukraine, shoot from a bow like a real Robin Hood! Summer is the most carefree time, so why do not we afford ourselves such extreme and fun entertainment?

Forget about all the stresses and fatigue in our SPA center

Stress resistance is not more than a beautiful word that we write in our CV. But in fact, we are not iron, and we need the right rest. SPA is one of the few ways which helps to get rid of both physical and mental overstrain. And at the same time it improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Olive treatment, which is called “Oloil” will protect you from summer dehydration. Your skin will become moisturized, tender and pleasant to the touch. And if it seems to you that your body in a bathing suit does not look the way you would like to, you can visit our massage room. Just a few anti-cellulite massage treatments will make your beautiful body- perfect and you -self-confident. The same effect has a wrap with white clay and essential pepper oil. Except the cosmetological effect on the skin, this procedure has an amazing impact on the soul. After it, you will feel light and calmness which we sometimes lack of.

Spend time like real aristocrats

If the ladies and gentlemen from the last centuries suddenly found themselves in “Voevodyno”, they would not feel uncomfortable. Why? All the usual entertainment they could find here as you can 🙂 We advise you to start with a riding lesson with a personal instructor. Then play a few rounds of mini-golf and petanque. By the way, this is one of the most popular games in Europe. We recommend you to complete the aristocratic adventure with a small duel on our tennis court.


And for a snack we prepared a special entertainment for you – fishing for trout and carp. And when you catch your delicacy, you should obviously to…

… Enjoy all the tastes of Carpathians

Which fisherman will not get the pleasure from cooking the fish that he caught his own on charcoal or grill? “Voevodyno” no one will ask you this question, because if you wish, our chefs will turn your catch into a restaurant dish. You will only appreciate their skill.

You can appreciate the Carpathians, Slovak and Hungarian cuisine in one of the restaurants or the resort. Is it not possible to come to the Carpathians and not to taste the famous banosh with delicate cheese or spicy bograch. Moreover, all the dishes are prepared from eco-products from local farmers.

“Voevodyno” is always happy to meet its guests, and we try to take into account all possible wishes. In our SPA center there are special procedures for pregnant women, restaurants have a vegetarian menu and entertainment is for all ages.

Come and you will see that Carpathians are considered as the most hospitable region.