Private Cottage with a fireplace

Size — 36 m2
For 2 guests
✔ Breakfast included


Listen to yourself

Exquisite private wooden cottage with a terrace and views of the pond and swans

This cozy eco-house comes with your own wood-burning fireplace, enjoy the warm fire straight from your bed or the sitting area nearby. The outdoor private terrace is perfect for a glass of wine and family games, or a morning cup of coffee while listening to the beautiful nature!

Cottage with fireplace in the Carpathians

Suppose you are looking for a fascinatingly beautiful and quiet place to rent a house and rest well. In that case, the Carpathians are definitely worth visiting. With their high mountains, pristine forests and winding rivers, the Carpathians offer an unforgettable experience. Outdoor travel, hiking and biking trails, exciting excursions, horseback riding, fishing, pleasant wellness treatments, thermo-SPA on the grass and many other activities are available in the mountains. Active rest or quiet relaxation – any of these options can be found in the Carpathians.

Cottages in the Carpathians

There are many types of housing in the mountains, from cosy cottages to luxury villas. Regardless of the budget, everyone will be able to find a rental option that is perfect for them. And suppose you are looking for something truly unique. In that case, you should pay attention to the cottage with a fireplace in the Carpathians. You will like our offer. Located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, this modern-style cottage offers excellent views of the surrounding area.

There is something really charming about a house with a fireplace in the mountains. Maybe it’s the flame dancing and flickering or the warmth that radiates into the room, making it amazingly cosy and attractive. For this reason, a mountain house with a fireplace is ideal for relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends.

Travelling to the Carpathians, renting a house – definitely a good idea! Here you can relax on the terrace in summer or bask by the fireplace in winter and at the same time admire the unsurpassed views, almost without leaving home.

Rent a house in the Carpathians: features and benefits

Renting a cottage has many advantages. For example, you will have enough privacy, privacy and your own space. In addition, the houses are well equipped, so everything you need will always be at hand. And the views from the private terrace are simply unsurpassed!
An essential advantage of renting a house in the mountains with a fireplace is the warmth and atmosphere it creates. This is an excellent place for a reception or a romantic evening. The cottage has enough space and creates a feeling of home and comfort.

The main advantages of our cottages with a fireplace:
• they are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay (double bed, refrigerator, cable TV, bathroom with shower, hairdryer, towels, telephone, fireplace);
• the houses and furniture inside are made of wood and ecological materials;
• excellent location – surrounded by beech forest;
• near the Christmas tree alley and fish ponds;
• one-storey cottage with a fireplace is convenient for families with small children.

The best way to rent a mountain cottage with a fireplace is to be able to arrange the space according to your needs. You are not limited to one room, as it would be in a hotel. You can add personal touches and make the space your own. This is especially handy when you plan to spend a lot of time in the mountains.

House in the Carpathians: rent

The opportunity to rent a cottage in the Carpathians is an offer you will not want to miss. Fresh mountain air, the noise of the forest and water, and birds singing will be the key to quality recreation.
A house in the mountains is an excellent choice for a romantic getaway, family vacation or group trip. It is also a good option for those who want to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. If you want a place to rest and relax, you should rent a mountain cottage with a terrace.
You are guaranteed a great time living in a house in the mountains. Therefore, it is not necessary to delay. Start planning your trip today! See why a cottage in the Carpathians with a fireplace is so famous and popular.

Each cottage includes:

  • King size bed 180×220 cm
  • Furniture made out of  local authentic wood
  • Refrigerator with a mini-bar
  • Cable TV
  • Bathroom (shower, hair dryer, towels, shampoo)
  • Telephone
  • Fire place


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