For our guests – only the most useful!

We are absolutely sure that food should not only be tasty and beautiful. The food that we eat should be safe and useful. That is why only high-quality local products from trusted farmers get to “Voevodyno” restaurants.

But in order to call “Voevodyno” rightfully the best resort in Transcarpathia, it should be constantly improved. Now we do not just deliver delicacies from the best local producers. We grow the products from which we prepare delicious dishes for our guests.

In the spring, a small greenhouse was built on the territory of “Voevodyno” where we planted vegetables, greenery and herbs. Delicate rosemary, fragrant basil and thyme, refreshing mint – these and many other products now get on the table as fresh as possible, retaining all their benefits. At the same time, they grow in the most ecologically clean region of Transcarpathia, receiving only benefit from the environment.

“Voevodyno” is not just a place to relax. This is a full-fledged eco-resort where you can improve your health both physically and mentally. But also you can gain the right eating habits that can serve as the start of a new, healthy life.


Only positive emotions and outdoor activities