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Voevodyno is a professional approach to rest for real businessmen!

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Sports, team games and friendly competitions are a great addition to a business event.

After all, you can not only relieve tension after a busy working day, but also prolong communication with colleagues in an informal atmosphere.

Therefore, if you like an active holiday in the Carpathians, and want to strengthen the team spirit of the co-workers, then you should visit Voevodyno! Why? Here you will find the best hotels in the Carpathians, restaurants with delicious cuisine, clean mountain air, and, of course, a lot of ​​activities and extreme.

Voevodyno is an ideal place for lovers of new experiences and unforgettable emotions. You can have an opportunity to explore different activities every day. Even if you prefer a more restful rest, still don’t deny yourself the pleasure of puzzling out all riddles of our quests, conquer the tops of a rope park or ride a quad bike. In winter, we are no less curious. Conquer ski slopes, master skates or go for a sleigh ride with the family.

Adore contests and battles? Arrange a friendly football match or a paintball match! Or unite and jointly conquer the mountain routes, which originate from Voevodyno. So you can get closer to the amazing nature of the Carpathians

Do you prefer cognitive leisure? Then pay attention to our sightseeing routes. And you can choose: walks on historical places, gastro-tourism, SPA-day and other interesting variants.

Corporate client’s requests:

+38 (050) 372 44 57


Only positive emotions and outdoor activities