The high Ropes Park of Voevodyno Resort is in the forest above the river. It consists of 9 pathways, each with its own special obstacles.

Stumps, lianas, suspended bridge, logs and other unexpected hardships expect you in one of the wild and adventurous corners of park. All these challenges are in a virgin beech jungle and their pathways are at the height of 3 meters above the rushing water of a mountain stream! Nevertheless, our rope park is completely safe, because throughout the route you are protected by continuous insurance and special equipment.

The rope park project was created by a licensed company and meets all standards of safety.
The installation of the park was carried out by professional climbers who have special tolerances. All works were made under independent engineering supervision and high-quality materials were used. The park is equipped with a continuous insurance system which consists of metal blocks, cables and has the necessary passport for exploitation the roller coaster.

If you are keen on climbing roofs, dreaming of building a real tree house, and fear of heights is not one of your nightmares it means our rope park was made just for you! (Tarzan nervously smokes under the palm tree.)