Do you like battles and fights? And what if they are intelligent?

They do say that the alternation of physical and intellectual activity is the best way to restore spiritual harmony. And on vacation, everything just encourages to achieving such a balance: having free time, good company and a collection of board games from “Voevodyno”.

If bad weather ruins your plans for the evening, board games are one of the many leisure options we can offer our guests. In everyday life, we do not have enough time for such leisure activity. But in “Voevodyno” you can play the good old chess, checkers as well as the more modern Alias, Tower and others.

At any time, all kinds of board games are available for our guests at the reception. You can take them to a room or fight in the intellectual battle in the fresh air. Most of them are aimed not only at developing intelligence, but also at improving communication skills. Thanks to many games you can know better your loved ones or make new acquaintances among the guests of “Voevodyno”.