The Stone Mill of Saint Yan

From the left side of the lake there is a stone building, functioning water mill. It is made of stone, metal and covered with wooden shingle. Inside of mill there are two old millstones weight half-ton and Austrian heurіge. Millstones are wrapped with two-meter wooden wheels, made of yellow tree- acacia.

Windows are forged from metal and there is a bust of St. Yan of Nepomuk above the central one. St.Yan is known as the patron of the millers. Park visitors can sample traditional shitimini and ordinary wines, made of Austrian sorts of grapes.

Behind the mill there is a road along the opryshka glade that leads to the ancient gold mines of the nineteenth century, where every May a holiday of gold-diggers takes place. Traveling around the lake further, on the right side in the forest near the fast mountain stream, you will see the source named after Emperor Franz Josef Habsburg. A little bit further in the wood there is the sculpture of the patron of hunters – St. Gubertus. Right here, on this mountain, in September a hunt holiday takes place.