The Bridge of the Four Evangelists

Going further, the guests of the Schönborn Park get to the bridge of the Four Evangelists, which is built in Baroque-style with reconstructed sculptures of four evangelists: Luke and Ioan, Mark and Matthew. The technology in which the sculptures are made resembles works at the Charles Bridge in Prague. If you look at the bridge from the outside, it converges in the form of an arch, in the middle of which forged crosses hang, which is a symbol of the Old and New Testament. Crosses look as if they sanctify the water that flows into the village.

The bridge symbolically connects the park with the Franciscan cross road Via Dolorosa, which Jesus Christ traveled to Calvary. The road goes to St. Catherine’s Temple, who is the patron of teachers, educated people and scientists who made the Schönborn Park for three years. On the day of St. Catherine, December 7, the mothers light three candles in front of her image, so that the genus will not be interrupted.

In the magnificent atmosphere of the Schönborn Park in the spa resort of “Voevodyno”, you can easily forget about everyday problems and enjoy the philosophical mood. The park is a place where you can feel as if time stops but every minute is filled with pleasure.