Territory of the park

Forest, lawns, exotic trees and a large natural lake make the Schönborn Park a true highlight of Transcarpathia. You can spend hours having rest and enjoying the surrounding beauty of the park.

From the very beginning, the park was planned around a lake and between the mountains of the Turian valley. The idea was that the future park absorbs a wonderful atmosphere: here good tracks were paved, planted shrubs, trees and created reservoirs.
Being in the park in different seasons is an attractive and unique opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the Carpathians, to feel the harmony of nature, to hear the whisper of water, birds singing and recharge with the positive energy of the mountains and water.

The park is an appropriate place not only for hiking, but also for walks on the restored old carriage of the Austro-Hungarian era, from the Pest region. Interestingly, it was the Hungarians who invented the  carriage spring for carriages to make the trip more comfortable.

On the left, inside of the park we can find seven unique but different lanterns, which are a symbol of seven days of the week and on the right there are 12 bridges that symbolize 12 signs of the zodiac. Today, every visitor of the park can take a photo here on the memory.

Right next to the Celtic spring covered with moss, the restorers even did not touch it.

On the left side there is an entrance to the Celtic Garden, where you can see the druid calendar in runic circle, different trees that match the birth dates of people.

Oak (March 21, spring equinox)
Birch (June 24, annual confrontation)
Oliva (September 23, autumnal equinox)
Beech (December 21-22, winter confrontation)
Apple tree (December 23 – January 1, June 25 – July 4)
Fir (2-11 January, 5-14 July)
Elm (January 12-24, July 15-25)
Cypress (January 25 – February 3, July 26 – August 4)
Poplar (4-8 February, 5-13 August)
Cedar (February 9-18, August 14-23)
Pine (February 19-28, August 24 – September 2)
Willow (March 1-10, September 3-12)
Lime (March 11-20, September 13-22)
Hazel (March 22-31, September 24 – October 3)
Rowan (April 1-10, October 4-13)
Maple (April 11-20, October 14-23)
Hazelnut (April 21-30, October 24 – November 2)
Jasmine (1-14 May, 3-11 November)
Chestnut (May 15-24, November 12-21)
Ash (May 25 – June 3, November 22 – December 1)
Hornbeam (June 4-13, December 2-11)
Figs (June 14-23, December 12-20)