Gates of the park

The visitors of the Schönborn Park are met by entrance gate which is its portal across two epochs on the area of Transcarpathia: the epoch of Austria-Ugorschyni and the Ukraine.

The state emblems and flags of Austria and Hungary are depicted on two towers of the gates, the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Then visitors of the park are met by two guards, the mock-ups of the soldiers of the Insbrukas Infantry Regiment (Austria) and the Debrecen Hussar Regiment (Hungary).

Count Schönborn was interested in astronomy and, in particular, various calendars. In those times it was a fascination of many status figures in Europe. He sought to recreate some elements in buildings and landscapes. Yes, there are four basic spires on the towers of the entrance gate which symbolize four seasons, and 12 small spires they symbolize 12 months of the year.
There are the emblems of the Schönborn dynasty and the new owners are depicted on the towers from the inside of the gate.

In addition, if you look from the outside, you will see that the entrance was made in the way as it was on the old foundations of buildings of the XVIII century. Between the towers we can see an allegorical security complex with 12 loopholes which covered with shingle. They reveal the era of the past but have a peaceful nature and serve as a home for local forest birds. Under the feet there is the inscription “SM – Schönborn millennium”.

On the right side, in front of the entrance to the Schönborn Park, we will see a passage-type building with maps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and outlines of a modern park, office rooms covered with a shingle.

After looking at the building of the entrance gate it will definitely it be worth getting on the territory of the park.