How to get to the resort

Comfortable rest begins with a convenient transfer. We want your vacation in “Voevodyno” to be just pleasure, so we developed convenient routes from all places of Ukraine.

Our resort is located in the village Turya Paseka Perechyn district Transcarpathian region (GPS coordinates: 48.662901, 22.643438). You can get there by different types of transport:

By car

It will take about 8 hours to get there from Kiev, from Lviv – 4 hours and from Uzhgorod – only 40 minutes. On the last sections of the route we recommend you to go through Mukachevo and Uzhgorod. You can learn about the route here.

By train

The nearest railway stations are in Uzhgorod, Perechin and Svalyava. Trains from all over Ukraine run here, so there is an opportunity to choose from several options. We recommend you to organize the trip in such a way as to arrive in “Voevodyno” by the time of check-in (2.00p.m.) or earlier. For example, a train from Kiev (235k) arrives in Uzhgorod at 11.59. a.m. Taking into consideration the transfer and the time of registration you can immediately move into your room.
For European guests, the Budapest-Mukachevo and Kosice-Mukachevo trains will be suitable.

By plane

The nearest European airports are located in Budapest and Kosice, the Ukrainian airports are in Lviv and Uzhgorod. In summer, Kiev-Uzhgorod flight is available. You can arrive to Lviv in other seasons by plane.

Shuttle Service

You should not worry about different timelines of various types of transport. Our comfortable cars can meet you in Lviv, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Svalyava or Perechin. A car can be suitable both for a family (up to 4 people) and a large company (up to 18 people).


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